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Race Information

Imerys Trail Marathon

Sunday 20th May 2018 10am
Cornwall College
John Keay House
St Austell
PL25 4DJ

Runners Instructions

It's not long now until the race! Please download and familiarise yourself with The IMERYS Marathon & Half 2015 Runner’s Instructions (PDF document).


Imerys Trail Marathon offers a unique experience to runners. For one day only, the land of Cornwall’s China Clay Industry will be open to you, the public. The operational working sites along with land which has been regenerated from the industrial past provides a challenging and spectacular course. With only short sections of road, this multi terrain route takes you on sand roads which will leave you thinking you have been on the moon! Together with private farm land and picturesque tracks and trails, the course offers you stunning vistas of Cornwall’s countryside and coastline at it’s very best.

On the same day a half marathon and fun run will take place. The half marathon is part of the Cornish Multi-Terrain Grand Prix Series with the fun run being a 1 mile route around the grounds of Cornwall College.

Marathon Cut-off Times

There is a time limit on the Marathon. Any marathon runner who does not reach the 8 mile point where the marathon and half marathon runners separate within 1hour 30 minutes, will be diverted onto the half marathon course. For 2017 an introduction of a second cut off will be at one of the drinks station at approx 20miles. The cut off for this point is 4 hours. Any runner that does not reach this point will be kept safe at the water station and will be taken back to the registration point to collect their personal belongings and re-unite with friends or family.

Running numbers are collected on the day and not posted before the event. Both the half and the full marathon start at 10am.

Course Map and Route Description

An ordinance survey style course map is available here. On that page you will be able to

  • Read a full description of the route illustrated on the map
  • View a full-sized version of the map.

Spectator Information

Places where there public are able to have access to see marathon runners are:-

  • About mile 6 - Hensbarrow - where the tall mast is near Roche, park in the small car park (limited parking) at the top of hill - if you are coming from Stenalees, turn left just as you come into Roche and take the Whitemoor road, then almost immediately turn left again and follow the winding road up to the top. Runners will be crossing here into Littlejohns Clayworks at roughly mile 6.
  • If you go to Lanjeth, at the top of Hornick Hill, park in the Blackpool trail car park - walk into the trail and you will be able to see the marathon runners at about miles 11 and 12 - they will be running around the bottom of the tip inside the fence. Allow a bit of time as you will need to walk in a fair way until you can see the path over the wire fence.
  • Park at Whitemoor, the school park maybe open and then head towards the entrance to Dorothy Pit where there is a water station. There is a permissive path that you can accees just inside the gate - you will see the runners between miles 15 and 16 here. You will need to view from the permissive path as the public will not be allowed to stand in the area where the water station is. You will have an excellent view from here though.
  • You can also see them by accessing the entrance to the permissive path that is opposite Allens Tyres in Whitemoor, the marathon runners will be passing through here between mile 16 and 17.


A race memento and goodie bag will be awarded to all finishers. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers as follows:

  • 1st male (£75) and 1st female (£75)
  • 1st male under 40, 1st male vet 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
  • 1st female under 35, 1st female vet 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
  • 1st three male teams (four to count) and 1st three female teams (three to count)
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